About Us

My enduring passion for African Art started in 1989, in Johannesburg, South Africa. After graduating Art History with magna cum laude from the Tel-Aviv University, my initial thought was to continue my second degree (since I was in Africa) on the subject: "The influence of Primitivism on Modern Art", but it evolved to a complete devotion to Classical African Art!
Since then I have been gathering knowledge and extended my collection. As a field collector I had visited many countries in the African Continent during the years, focusing my interest in the significant story and context of each item, in search of fine authentic tribal sculpture with aesthetic and emotional appeal. Every piece I choose combines a mixture of expression, rarity, beauty, color, age and most of all imbues with cultural meaning. Every piece is guaranteed to be authentic, and will include also an academic summary of its meaning and place of origin. 

My belief is that exotic tribal art can enhance and accent any environment, and that the powerful, expressionist and abstract forms can excite the passion of any art collector.



Enjoy exploring my website, if you have any comments or would like to discuss anything relating to any item, feel free to contact me.