Male Reliquary Figure

eyema-o- byeri
Exhibits: Ancestor Cult
Tribes: Fang peoples, Mabea group
Location: Coastal region, southern Cameroon
Period: 20th Century
Materials: Brass Nails, Brass Plaques, Red Wood

This statue is a good example of southern Cameroonian sculpture of the 19th century. It is in the style of the Mabea, who had already adopted the Fang beliefs of the Byeri cult. (L Perrois). Most astonishing is the mixture of idealized realism and formulaic representation.The patina is a pale reddish color, highly finished and polished surfaces. The head is rendered naturalistically. Another typical feature of the Mabea style is the long arms reaching the knees with palms placed on the thighs over slightly bent knees. The statue is decorated with brass strips on the temples and the chest, "to suggest scarification". 


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Male Reliquary Figure
Male Reliquary Figure
Male Reliquary Figure
Male Reliquary Figure