Fang Male Ancestor figure

eyema-o- byeri
Type: figure
Exhibits: Cycle of Life
Tribes: Fang peoples, Ngumba group
Location: Southern Cameroon
Period: 20th Century
Materials: Brass Discs, Brass Nails, Brass Plaques, Mirror Glass, Wood
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The Ngumba stylistic features in this male ancestor figure are very clear: It has rounded forms, a relatively long torso crowned by a large spherical head and short, massive legs, slightly bent. The arms are held away from the body, showing typical musculature, holding a “medicine horn” in both hands. The face is also highly characteristic - full and round with a large rectangular mouth, thick lips projecting forward, opened somewhat showing filed upper teeth, a long box-like beard and eyes formed by brass disks encircling pieces of mirror. The artist uses brass incrustation extensively. The coiffure is unique and typical to the Ngumba style - two parallel ridges of hair project from the sides and back of the head (L.Perrois 2006:35 pl. 8) 

Fang Male Ancestor figure
Fang Male Ancestor figure
Fang Male Ancestor figure
Fang Male Ancestor figure