Male Reliquary Figure

eyema-o- byeri
Exhibits: Ancestor Cult
Tribes: Fang peoples, Mvai sub-style
Location: Ntem Valley, North Gabon
Period: 20th Century
Materials: White Patina, Wood

This figure has all the typical features of Mvai statuary: a voluminous body and protruding barrel belly decorated with scarifications.The arms are disproportionately small, with hands held tightly. But the most typical Mvai trait is the massive head with its remakable plaited coiffure,with three crests gathered at the nape of the neck. It has a narrowing heart-shaped meditative face, coffee-bean eyes with heavy half-closed lids, a fine nose, a wide, slightly downturned mouth with filed teeth.The figure is applied with heavy white patina.


L. Perrois, Fang, 226, pp. 37-8

Male Reliquary Figure
Male Reliquary Figure
Male Reliquary Figure
Male Reliquary Figure