Mahongwe Reliquary Figure

Exhibits: Ancestor Cult
Tribes: Kota peoples, Mahongwe group
Location: North-eastern Gabon
Period: 20th Century
Materials: Brass Discs, Brass Nails, Brass Strips and Plates, Copper Strips, Wood

This reliquary figure, almost abstracted, has a two-dimensional representation. The foliated head, slightly concave at the front, has a wooden core construction covered with metal strips and sheets. The front is covered with narrow horizontal brass and copper strips, and is bisected by a flat median brass band, decorated with two centrally-incised raised lines. Two applied convex circles form the eyes with brass nails fastened as pupils. A central band splits into two parts, flanking a triangular nose, each consisting of applied brass threads, curving slightly outwards toward the bottom. An incised cut forms a mouth. The bwete head displayed a more complicated decoration on its reverse side. A central triangular axis is composed of widening bands, increasingly expanding towards the bottom, and is flanked by two brass sheets emphasizing a decorative motif of incised tiny horizontal rectangles. The ends of the folded horizontal brass strips covering the front form a diagonal border along the edge. The stem and the top-knot echo each other by being partially coiled with copper wire. The chignon recalls the traditional hairstyle of notable Mahongwe men. The bare base of the stem suffers from erosion.


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 Mahongwe Reliquary Figure
 Mahongwe Reliquary Figure
 Mahongwe Reliquary Figure